Settlement Conferences

A settlement conference is a step in a small claims court law suit.

After a claim has been issued and a defence has been filed, the court automatically schedules a settlement conference.  Settlement Conferences are mandatory in all Ontario small claims court law suits.

The purpose of a settlement conference is twofold:  First, it is an opportunity for the parties to discuss and settle the matter without the need for a trial.  Second, if the matter doesn’t settle, it is to determine the points that are not in dispute in order to narrow down the issues. 

At a settlement conference, a judge cannot force or impose a settlement; a settlement can only be reached if the parties agree to settle. However, a judge may provide an opinion as to what he believes would happen at a trial.  This can be very influential upon the parties involved in the law suit. 

It is for this reason that one should always go into a settlement conference properly and fully prepared and ready to advance his or her case to the judge in order to try to convince him that you have a stronger case in law than the other side does.

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