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Paralegal Case Studies

How a House Seller Gets the Deposit When Buyers Breach Contract.

Allen Perlman - Published on 8/31/2021 14:32

How a seller of a home can obtain the deposit monies that were paid by a purchaser when that purchaser breached the Agreement of Purchase and Sale by not being able to finalize the purchase of the home on the closing date.

How to Get Your Deposit Back When a Renovation Contractor Does Shoddy Work in Your House

Allen Perlman - Published on 6/7/2021 11:24

My client had hired a contractor to do a partial renovation of her kitchen.My client paid a deposit. The contractor never completed the work. After receiving excuse after excuse from the contractor as to why he was unable to supply the counter-top and finish the work that he had contracted to do, my client terminated his services and had to hire a reputable contractor to get the work done.

How to Obtain the Buyer’s Deposit Money after the Buyer Defaults on the Purchase of Your Residential or Commercial Property, Even If the Purchaser Left Canada

Allen Perlman - Published on 5/17/2021 08:42

An individual sold his residential property located in Etobicoke. The buyer put down a $10,000.00 deposit at the time of entering into the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. On the day of closing, the buyer was not able to close and the sale did not go through. At law, the buyer would forfeit his $10,000.00 deposit to the seller for his breach of the agreement. However, the buyer refused to agree to allow the real estate brokerage firm which was holding the $10,000.00 in trust to pay it to the seller. The seller retained me to obtain the $10,000.00 deposit money for him.

Breach of Contract by a Vendor

Allen Perlman - Published on 3/26/2020 06:00

My client purchased hardwood flooring on April 24, 2018, from a retail flooring company in Brampton, Ontario. The flooring was not in stock and had to ordered. My client put down a $3,500.00 deposit with a balance of $3,882.00 to be paid when the flooring would arrive in two weeks. By May 30th, the flooring had still not arrived and the retailer was not responding to my client’s inquiries as to when the flooring would arrive.

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