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Paralegal Case Studies

A Person’s Death Does Not Eliminate Any Monies That Were Owing Prior to the Person’s Death

Allen Perlman - Published on 2/28/2022 16:04

An individual was owed just over $8,000.00 from another individual. My client died before the debtor paid the amount that was owing. I was retained by the executor of the estate to collect the amount owing. The debtor did not respond to written demands made for payment. Accordingly, I issued a small claims court claim which was properly served on the debtor (now called the Defendant). The Defendant did not defend the Claim and I was able to obtain a judgment for the full amount owing plus interest and costs.

A Business Owner Tried Unsuccessfully to Avoid Paying His Landscaper

Allen Perlman - Published on 10/8/2021 09:10

Similar to a previous article, my client carried out landscaping services for his commercial customer. The customer neglected to pay my client’s accounts of just over $5,500.00 for services that he had provided.

A Homeowner Tried Unsuccessfully to Avoid Paying His Landscaper

Allen Perlman - Published on 9/20/2021 16:31

My client carried out landscaping services for his customer. For no apparent reason, the customer neglected to pay my client’s account for services he provided

What to Do When You Let Someone Use Your Credit Card Because That Person’s Card Was Declined and Then They Don’t Pay You Back

Allen Perlman - Published on 7/29/2021 16:59

A contractor ‘s customer asked the contractor to put the purchase of product to be used in the customer’s home on the contractor’s credit card. The customer promised to pay the contractor back for the product, but she did not do so.

How to Obtain the Buyer’s Deposit Money after the Buyer Defaults on the Purchase of Your Residential or Commercial Property, Even If the Purchaser Left Canada

Allen Perlman - Published on 5/17/2021 08:42

An individual sold his residential property located in Etobicoke. The buyer put down a $10,000.00 deposit at the time of entering into the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. On the day of closing, the buyer was not able to close and the sale did not go through. At law, the buyer would forfeit his $10,000.00 deposit to the seller for his breach of the agreement. However, the buyer refused to agree to allow the real estate brokerage firm which was holding the $10,000.00 in trust to pay it to the seller. The seller retained me to obtain the $10,000.00 deposit money for him.

Always Collect Your Money Quickly Before a Debtor Becomes Insolvent

Allen Perlman - Published on 5/14/2020 00:00

Always act promptly to collect an outstanding account.  Time is not on your side. 

A fuel company retained me to collect a debt of $20,500.00 owing to it from a trucking company.

Breach of Contract by a Vendor

Allen Perlman - Published on 3/26/2020 06:00

My client purchased hardwood flooring on April 24, 2018, from a retail flooring company in Brampton, Ontario. The flooring was not in stock and had to ordered. My client put down a $3,500.00 deposit with a balance of $3,882.00 to be paid when the flooring would arrive in two weeks. By May 30th, the flooring had still not arrived and the retailer was not responding to my client’s inquiries as to when the flooring would arrive.

Court Awards Punitive Damages for Debtor’s Bad Conduct

Allen Perlman - Published on 1/9/2020 06:00

A dentist provided dental services to a patient, Mike. The dentist provided Mike with a financial predetermination of the dental work that was to be done. Mike submitted that predomination to his insurance company and, at some point, Mike received payment from his insurer which the insurer paid directly to him.

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