Paralegal Services Case Study


My client had ordered two new and expensive windows to be installed in her home, each window comprising three separate panes of glass. During the order process, my client explained the direction in which he wanted the windows to open. Upon installation, he discovered that two of the window panes in one of the windows opened in the opposite direction to that which he had ordered. Despite his attempts to get the window company to fix this, they did not.


After determining the proper legal name of the window company and the proper person to contact in regard to my client’s issue, I wrote a persuasive letter demanding that the defective window be replaced. Pursuant to my letter and without any argument to the contrary, this window company immediately agreed to, and did, replace the window.


There are two takeaways from this matter:

  • Deal with reputable companies as they will usually correct their mistakes voluntarily.
  • Identify the person who has the authority to fix the problem. Lower level staff rarely have been given that decision making power and speaking to them may leave you frustrated and upset and without a resolution to your problem.