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Collecting accounts owing by businesses

Professional debt collections in the Brampton area

Collection is an art, not a science.  If someone isn't paying you it is because for one reason or another, they don't want to. Find out the reason why they are not paying, eliminate that reason, and you should get paid.

For those that still won't pay, you may need to proceed with a lawsuit to get paid.  If the debt is $35,000.00 or less, you can take advantage of the streamlined proceedings of the small claims s court.  I say streamlined because when compared to superior court matters, small claims court matters move faster and more easily, and enforcement can also be faster and is definitely cheaper.

But whether you are in superior court or small claims court, proper preparation of the claim is important.  If you are in small claims court, don't muddle around doing something that you know little or nothing about - have a professional do it for you the right way while you advance your business by getting out there earning new revenues rather than focusing your attention on an old unpaid receivable.

If you are going after a business or company, Allen will ensure that you proceed against the correct and proper legal entity.

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Small Claims Court Paralegal

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