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Wrongful Dismissal in a non-unionized environment

Wrongful dismissal is a bit of a misnomer because, except for some rare exceptions, employers have the right to terminate your employment.  

Whereas you are not guaranteed a job for life, an employer has certain obligations to you as an employee to treat you fairly if it is terminating your employment without just cause.

You are entitled to be given proper notice if you employer terminates your services.  This can be either a working notice or payment in lieu of notice.  The notice period is different under the Employment Standards Act than it is under common law.

If you have been dismissed from your job and don’t believe that you have received an adequate notice period, or adequate payment in lieu of notice, call A. Perlman Paralegal Services Professional Corporation to discuss the matter and we can let you know what your legal rights and remedies are and what compensation you should be entitled to.

You should never sign a waiver or release provided to you by your employer without first obtaining a qualified legal opinion.

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